by Solus

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released May 5, 2013

Recorded & Mastered by Whitehorse Studios(Cameron Smith)



all rights reserved


Solus Florida

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Track Name: Lifeless
Bring me the heart of a hopeful solution. Give me a new start free of pollution. Expires with the sunlight another fading day, all my hopes and dreams have been chased away. Waiting for the sunrise, another day gone by this life has been taken by a lifeless fucking lie. Just bury me alive, I will not survive my own worthless life. I cant end this, no solutions. I'll just suffer this lifeless life
Track Name: Tormented
The thoughts in my head are tearing me to shreds. Not another moment lost, ill soon see the end. It's eating me inside, hasten my demise. Never coming back, no more pity lies

Gone and not missed, mind is silent,
no more running (no more will I run away from ) running and running and running away, from all these thoughts that are tormenting me, ill
soon find this fucking Happy ending

I will never know what this life was for. All the hopeless nights
won't get me anymore.

Everything I ever wanted was in this hole. Lifeless and motionless a new place ill call my home x2

Closed my eyes and took a step forward with Nothing holding me down x2
Track Name: Broken Spines
Take them to the river
Tie their hands, tie their feet
Blindfolds hide their visions
Failed attempts to breath

I Have never felt so free
Sacrifice the human life
Tortured souls will flee
Narrow minds
And broken spines
Just another leech
Sucking from the system
hopeless leaders always lead

Who gave them control

I have

Come to take it back
Burn all the leeches
Rise from ash through blood
Take back control
Track Name: The Cost of Living
Through my mind
I'm wasting all of my time

Living through the hopeless
Efforts and labor
I found the silver dollar that bought a life's worth
Of hatred, and anger, I only stand stagger
Exempt from my life over and after

Loosing my time is my wage
Dig my own grave,
Dig my own grave,
My new estate
In the ground
I have no true savior
my efforts are my enemy
Nothing in this life is free

Nothing in this life is free
Everyday I struggle just to make a fucking living
I can't tell which direction i can set myself free
And I
Am loosing all my patience slowly but surely
All I am is what I am and that's all I can be.
Track Name: Blind Eyes
Seeing this disease slowly eating away whats left of you and me. You carry this lie inside that no one else can see. It ties you down, and makes you see things differently.

Misleaded by the words of a liar
Brainwashed and controlled.

I will never ever understand about this thing inside. I Looked up to the sky,
nothing caught my eyes, just a bunch of lies.

Blinded eyes your tortured life and unstable mind

Everything I did. Was nothing you wanted. Scared of life's meaning. I fucked up everything
Track Name: The Last Time
Today is the last time that ill ever save myself
Ill tie the rope as tight as I can
kick the chair far from my reach
Leaving plenty of space between the floor and my feet

This is the last time the last time the last time

Never again will I struggle
This life it too much fucking trouble

I Can't Breathe

Its a life I never wanted